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Movement is Life!  We truly believe that and have dedicated ourselves to helping all clients achieve movement in everyday life.  We create customized plans for any condition that can be improved upon with intensive exercise therapy.  Below are some examples of other types of services.

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Surfer’s Myelopathy

Beginner surfer left paralysed after suffering rare surfer’s myelopathy

A 20-year-old beginner surfer has been left paralysed after suffering an extremely rare spinal cord injury caused by hyperextension from paddling.

Mycah Muranka, then 19, hadn’t surfed in around a year when he paddled out with his aunt, Shauna Alip, at Marineland on Oahu’s south shore.

But Mycah was rushed to Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu shortly after getting in the water, with severe back pain and pins and needles in his legs. After undergoing medical examinations, Mycah was diagnosed with surfer’s myelopathy, a rare condition in beginner surfers who may not be used to the repetitive strain of arching their back while paddling. Tragically, the condition means that Mycah may not be able to walk again.

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Recovering from COVID-19

How can Physical Therapy techniques be used to help clients recovering from COVID-19?

People who have experienced a COVID-19 positive diagnosis and have recovered come out of it with various experiences.  While some experience little to no symptoms and recover quickly, many have strong symptoms including extreme fatigue and respiratory issues amongst the most common symptoms reported.  Having fatigue and the requirement for rest or even hospitalization during this period of illness can cause muscle atrophy, loss of strength, or other complications of the musculoskeletal system.

Those that experience respiratory complications, may continue to experience the feeling of being winded and have a hard time breathing during minimal exertion even once they have recovered from COVID-19.  In both cases, it is critical for people in the recovery phase to begin an exercise plan to regain their strength and rebuild their aerobic capacity.

Wellness Neuro provides a safe environment with a customized exercise plan to meet all our client’s unique needs.  Once patients recover from COVID symptoms, their journey is not over.  Physical & Exercise Therapy is more important than ever in the time of COVID-19 to allow individuals to regain their strength and meet their physical goals to feeling healthy and strong.  We truly believe that MOVEMENT IS LIFE, and COVID-19 can have severe impacts one one’s ability to move and build strength.

COVID-19 is by no means simple or fully understood, but two things are certain: 1.) for those who experience severe symptoms the recovery process contains multiple tiers that is highly unique to each individual experiencing it, and 2.) the recovery from COVID-19 can last far longer than recovery from other common illnesses.  That is why it is important to invest in a full recovery and utilize professional resources such as Physical and Exercise Therapy to regain strength, aerobic capacity, and re-build your body to be stronger than it was previously to support health.