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Wellness Neuro and SCI is a family owned and operated practice located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. At Wellness Neuro & SCI, we strive to help our clients achieve their physical goals and regain/enhance their physical activities by creating treatment plans specific to each client’s needs and providing one-on-one treatment in either our exercise facility or the comfort of the client’s home.

Wellness Neuro and SCI provides both facility and mobile exercise and physical therapy services and we  specialize in fall prevention, stroke recovery, spinal cord injuries, balance training, post-surgical outpatient therapy, and sports rehabilitation.

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About Our Clinic

Located in the Weinberg building of the Saint Francis Medical campus, Wellness Neuro & SCI’s recovery center is a special place dedicated to treating and training those suffering from neurological and spinal cord conditions.  Our unique approach encourages weight bearing activities and exercises and we utilize tools and equipment to maximize each exercise session.  Also important to us is the clients comfort, and our well-trained team ensures the clients safety during exercises, while at the same time allowing for aggressive training methods usually involving standing and walking, no matter how severe the disability.  We customize the training plans according to each clients’ individualized physical needs, so there are no cookie cutter exercise plans when you work

About our mobile services

We truly understand the struggles and costs that many suffering from a neurological or spinal cord injury go through to transport themselves to a clinic or facility.  For this reason, we offer a very convenient mobile service where a trained member of our team will go out to the clients’ home to provide exercises and therapy once the client has been evaluated and a customized exercise program has been created for them.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to exercise—whether in their home with a trained professional, in our exercise center, or a combination of both!

Explore our Services & Specialties

Neuro/Stroke Rehabilitation Services

We believe in a functional recovery method that emphasizes weight bearing and encourages standing and walking from day 1.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Rehabilitation

We blend weight bearing and cardiovascular exercise methods to give the best chance at motor and sensory recovery, also emphasizing functional tasks.

Recovery is our specialty

Over the past few years, we have achieved great results with our clients.

Our Philosophy: Never give up!

Unlike insurance based services, we will never give up in the pursuit of client recovery and meeting their goals.

Recovering from COVID-19

How can Physical Therapy techniques be used to help clients recovering from COVID-19?

People who have experienced a COVID-19 positive diagnosis and have recovered come out of it with various experiences.  While some experience little to no symptoms and recover quickly, many have strong symptoms including extreme fatigue and respiratory issues amongst the most common symptoms reported.

Our Team at Wellness Neuro & SCI

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Exercise Technician

What others say about us

As far as I’m concerned, Sergio is one of the reasons I can walk again. I owe him a lot-will never forget.

Glen Nevers

I’ve worked with Sergio in the past at Pacific Rehab Hospital I highly recommend him!

Nick ScarmazzoOccupational Therapist

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