Recovering from COVID-19

How can Physical Therapy techniques be used to help clients recovering from COVID-19?

People who have experienced a COVID-19 positive diagnosis and have recovered come out of it with various experiences.  While some experience little to no symptoms and recover quickly, many have strong symptoms including extreme fatigue and respiratory issues amongst the most common symptoms reported.  Having fatigue and the requirement for rest or even hospitalization during this period of illness can cause muscle atrophy, loss of strength, or other complications of the musculoskeletal system.

Those that experience respiratory complications, may continue to experience the feeling of being winded and have a hard time breathing during minimal exertion even once they have recovered from COVID-19.  In both cases, it is critical for people in the recovery phase to begin an exercise plan to regain their strength and rebuild their aerobic capacity.

Wellness Neuro provides a safe environment with a customized exercise plan to meet all our client’s unique needs.  Once patients recover from COVID symptoms, their journey is not over.  Physical & Exercise Therapy is more important than ever in the time of COVID-19 to allow individuals to regain their strength and meet their physical goals to feeling healthy and strong.  We truly believe that MOVEMENT IS LIFE, and COVID-19 can have severe impacts one one’s ability to move and build strength.

COVID-19 is by no means simple or fully understood, but two things are certain: 1.) for those who experience severe symptoms the recovery process contains multiple tiers that is highly unique to each individual experiencing it, and 2.) the recovery from COVID-19 can last far longer than recovery from other common illnesses.  That is why it is important to invest in a full recovery and utilize professional resources such as Physical and Exercise Therapy to regain strength, aerobic capacity, and re-build your body to be stronger than it was previously to support health.



We treat all neurological conditions that impact function, including stroke and brain injury. Our main focus is a consistent and aggressive weight-bearing approach that provides the best chance for motor and sensory return. Client goals are also carefully considered when creating treatment plans. Training programs are customized to each individual’s unique needs.

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Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

A spinal cord injury can be a life-changing experience, but we strive to give hope and maximize recovery. Our treatment approach focuses on functional movements that most people can do every day, such as standing and walking. Our essential aim is to stimulate the paralyzed areas. Combined with a consistent regime of cardiovascular and joint mobility exercises, this provides the best chance for motor/sensory return. 

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Wellness and Fitness

Fitness is our passion. Whether you suffer from deconditioning, balance problems, weight problems, or anything that affects mobility, we offer a holistic approach to improve strength, balance, and endurance—and most importantly, improve confidence and independence. Our customized exercise plans are guided by experts within a safe environment. 

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Treatment Approach: Never Give Up

We believe that in order to have the best possible outcome, a consistent and aggressive treatment approach is required. The treatments are based on repetitive functional tasks within a weight-bearing context. The weight exerting force on the body is what re-teaches the brain to learn new movements and stimulate nerve conditioning. This, combined with cardiovascular exercise to pump blood through all the tissues of the body, is what is required for maximum results. We know what it takes, and we will work tirelessly and relentlessly with you to achieve your goals.

Treatment Setting


Our facility is dedicated to servicing those recovering from neurological and spinal cord injuries. Our equipment is fully accessible by all clients, and aimed at providing a safe environment to challenge each client.


We offer services in the home for those who have difficulty getting to the facility.