Wellness and Fitness

We offer a holistic approach to improve strength, balance, and endurance—and most importantly, improve confidence and independence. 

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Neurological Injury Recovery

We treat all neurological conditions that impact function, including stroke and brain injury.

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Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

A spinal cord injury can be a life-changing experience, but we strive to give hope and maximize recovery.

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Balance training for seniors

Balance is the ability to move without falling and distribute your weight in order to hold a stable stationary position.

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Mobile services

We offer a very convenient mobile service where a trained member of our team will go out to the clients’ home to provide exercises and therapy.

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Other services

Movement is Life!  We truly believe that and have dedicated ourselves to helping all clients achieve movement in everyday life.  We create customized plans for any condition that can be improved upon with intensive exercise therapy.

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Treatment Approach: Never Give Up

We believe that in order to have the best possible outcome, a consistent and aggressive treatment approach is required. The treatments are based on repetitive functional tasks within a weight-bearing context. The weight exerting force on the body is what re-teaches the brain to learn new movements and stimulate nerve conditioning. This, combined with cardiovascular exercise to pump blood through all the tissues of the body, is what is required for maximum results. We know what it takes, and we will work tirelessly and relentlessly with you to achieve your goals.

Treatment Setting


Our facility is dedicated to servicing those recovering from neurological and spinal cord injuries. Our equipment is fully accessible by all clients, and aimed at providing a safe environment to challenge each client.


We offer services in the home for those who have difficulty getting to the facility.